Service Pricing

Simple service pricing

  • From £9.99 per commencing cialis 5mg prix week*
  • *One year minimum agreement.
  • No set up costs.
  • Major work on the website attracts a new one year agreement.
  • Businesses with more than two care homes may attract a slightly higher service charge. (POA)

Why price the service like this?

looks to offer a service rather than a product


for the following reasons;


  • No up front cost means that the service is much more competitive and affordable.
  • Websites need to be updated from time to time as the business changes (new bedrooms, new staff, improved gardens etc).
  • Websites need to be maintained to remain relevant (It doesnt look good if you write about your NCSC or CSCI report instead of your CQC report!).
  • Support to maintain your website through linked twitter feeds, blogging or manual website editing.
  • Support needs to be ongoing as your business evolves.
  • Email set up and maintenance support for new staff in the organisation.
  • Time is needed to install updates and security patches to keep your website safe.
  • Time is needed to maintain an uptodate copy of your website in case of unforseen server issues.
  • You as the customer know that your day to day needs will be professionally met as customer satisfaction and retention is the cornerstone of the business. This is in contrast to the usual business model where the profit is made at the beginning of the process, and not linked to the long term satisfaction of the consumer.


Latest News

Just completed a demo site for new customers to view how some of the features work including webmail.

Thomas Jeffs Thomas Jeffs

Just signed up my first customer - my wife! Although free :( She plans to do some proof reading as a business service.

Thomas Jeffs Thomas Jeffs